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What’s access control problems and solutions-part 1?

The access control system has always been an important part of the security system. There are a lot of access control problems every day, most of the access control problems are related to the details and frequently appear in the actual project. One may encounter this problem no matter it is a novice or an expert in access control system. Today, … Continue reading


How to manage the elevator by access control controller?

Elevator management by access control controller. Elevator management is a kind of elevator control technology. A similar “access controller” system device is installed on the original elevator. Only after the card is swiped, the elevator will be started and the cardholder will be sent to the floor to be reached. The composition of the elevator management system:  … Continue reading


How to choose access control card reader?

Access control card reader purchase guidance and attention Access control card reader is the most important parts of the access system and the key equipment of signal transmission in access systems. If we regard the access system as a human, the access control card reader is the eye, which determines the reliability of the whole systems. If there … Continue reading

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