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What is elevator access control systems solution ?

The elevator access control system is actually an elevator control technology. A system device similar to the access control system is installed on the original elevator. Only after the card is swiped, the elevator will start and the owner will be sent to the appoint floor. With the progress and development of society, people’s lifestyles have undergone … Continue reading


Analysis of common problems in fingerprint access control & time attendance system

The application of fingerprint technology in modern life and work has become more and more popular. Fingerprint access control & time attendance system, fingerprint social security, fingerprint banking, fingerprint shopping malls, fingerprint pick-up and so on, and other new phenomena of life and work have been widely known. Fingerprint technology is increasingly refreshing our Modern lifestyle. As a … Continue reading


The Common important errors in the installation of access control systems

What’re The common important errors in the installation of access control systems? 1, Use the network cable to connect the electric lock and access controller! The line from the electric lock to the access controller in the access control system installation looks very ordinary. If it is not standardized, it is easy to cause a fault … Continue reading


What’s issues need to be considered before installing an access control system

With the general understanding of people’s security knowledge, the door access control system has been logged into people’s lives, and the door access control systems application is more and more extensive. However, the following seven problems should be avoided when installing access control systems, and the access control system installation may be successful(If you don’t know … Continue reading


Access control & time attendance system buyer guides

1, What is the access control & time attendance system? Access control & time attendance system also called access control time attendance management system or time attendance access control system, it has many functions such as personnel access, authorization, inquiry, statistics and anti-theft alarm security. It can also be used as personnel management and time attendance management. … Continue reading

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