Selecting the access control components

There are several components and multiple options to consider when building and designing a security access control system. However, if you keep in mind five basic ingredients, the process is fairly straightforward.
[A] First you need a way for authorized users to identify themselves and/or unlock the door from the secure side (in a free exit system)

[B] Second, you need a way for all users to have free egress from the interior out

[C] Third, you need a locking device to secure the door

[D] Fourth, you need a controller to manage the interaction between entry devices, egress devices and locking devices

[E] Fifth, you need to consider specific requirements for your system (audit tracking, time-based opening or doors, battery backup)

That’s it. That is the basic model, for each point of entry or exit, ask yourself;

[A] How will I get in?

[B] How will I get out?

[C] What locking device will secure the entry point?

[D] How will the system be controlled? and

[E] What other functionality do I need? Applying these questions to each entry point is how the system design process works.

Now, let’s review some of the options related to each of the five questions.

2017-06-26 Access Control Knowledge