Integrated Management System of Modern Hotel

Modern hotel needs a perfect integrated management system including the information service center with network technology, intelligent control technology and communication technology, property management center and the security monitoring center. This project combines the intelligent technology and offers a safe and comfortable environment as well as thoughtful services for hotel guests. Satisfying customers’ requirements, and meeting the low cost and efficient hotel operating objective.

The hotel intelligent system can divide into three main areas:
1.The intelligent service technology provided directly to customers: For example, the wireless AP connection and broadband network create a favorable living environment for customers.
2.Intelligent management technology for hotel managers: For example, the cloud platform helps managers operating a hotel in an efficient and advanced way.
3.For lowing costs and raising management quality: the Instabus EIB and hotel room centralized management help creating profit by decreasing costs.

BAS-building automation system

The building automation system remotely monitors and controls the mechanicals and electrical equipment set in the building and achieve “Distributed control, Centralized management”. Using equipment reasonably, saving energy and human power. Creating a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for the hotel operating and raising profits. Benefits of using BAS: reducing operating cost, extending the lifetime of facilities, reducing the expenses of managers, keeping a comfortable environment.

Intelligent light system

This system offers changeable ambient light for different areas depending on different time and places. It covers the lobby, meeting room, dining room and the coffee shop. Can creating appropriate atmosphere by adjusting the light. It is not only for offering a cozy environment but also creating the artistic sense. For example public hallway. Depends on the different time period, the system can provide a bright and efficient environment for customers by adjusting lights. Centralized control, timing control, human body sensing control and the light-sensitive control.

Parking area management system

This system monitors the situation of parking entrance and manages the charging process. The main function including recording the time of vehicles come in and out. Make sure the parking safety, controlling the reserved parking spaces for hotel customers, charging parking fees from those non-in-house guests and lowing costs. Our parking lot offers long-distance card reading for regular customers and close range card reading

2016-12-23 Latest News