Door Access Control Software–Control the System!

Door Access Control Software

One of the biggest differences between competing for access control systems is the computer software used to run them. The software lets you set access levels for each ID and door, view reports, and conduct audits to see who used a door at a certain time. Make sure the software is easy to understand and use: access control systems should decrease administrative headaches, not introduce new ones. Ask for a demonstration of the software and see how easy it is to add new employees, change access levels, create groups, and find detailed reports.

Match the software with your computers operating system carefully: some access control systems only work with specific versions of Windows or other operating systems, so know exactly what OS you are running before finalizing your decision.

The most access control system software is powerful enough to handle the needs of companies up to at least a thousand users. When you start needing to manage multiple shifts, several thousand employees, and hundreds of doors, you drastically increase the overall complexity. At that level, you will likely want ODBC‐ compliant (Open DataBase Connectivity) software that can connect to your existing payroll, time and attendance, and other HR and security systems.

Enclosed is a link to Cobra Controls quick start software guide. Cobra Controls build a high-quality graphical interface based on Microsoft.Net. It’s a good read and should give you a broad understanding of the functionality available from good quality access control software. Also, Cobra Controls is open source and the actual software is available for download to test. The links are as follows:

2017-06-28 Access Control Knowledge