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Why electric rim lock and electric strike lock are not suggested to use on access system?

Let’s try to understand both electric rim lock and electric strike lock features first! 1, Advantages, disadvantages of electric strike lock and electric rim lock. 1.1 Electric rim lock 1.1.1 Advantages: It applies to cell gate and interlocking access door of bank saving agency. Power-off model is offered, which means key could be used to open door … Continue reading


What types and features does access control electric lock have?

Types of Electric strike commonly used in access control: electric bolt lock, Magnetic lock, electric strike lock, electric rim lock (followed by popularizing rate):   1.Electric bolt lock Access Control Electric Bolt Lock SL-E153SLDN Used to open the door on the occasion of the power cut. It is required by fire protection that the power should be … Continue reading


How will the fingerprint head and access control system be combined?

What kind of fingerprint device can connect with access control device? How does the fingerprint device supply power? Other biometric systems (iris, palm type instrument, etc.) and how do they connect with access control system? Generally fingerprint equipment manufacturers will also produce fingerprint access control device, fingerprint, and access control functions will be integrated in one machine, this kind … Continue reading


How to choose a best suitable access control controller?

The access controller procurement guidelines: 7 recommendations. The access controller is the core part of the access control system, is also the soul of the system. The quality and performance of the access controller directly affect the stability of the access control system, and the stability of the system will directly affect the access control system users … Continue reading